Project Description

The Moreland Community New Years Eve show is a self-funded, not-for-profit fireworks show. This event, running annually for the past five years, is to celebrate new years eve with all sectors of the Moreland community. The main reason for this event is to bring people from different backgrounds and religions to create love and peace.

For the first time the organisers of this event have found a community partner and auspice in Coburg Cycling Club. In addition to Coburg Cycling Club providing Coburg Velodrome for the event they are also providing industry training and event management support through their marketing team at Velodrome Events. This partnership looks to create a bigger event than previous years and will provide new skills to Big Bang Fireworks director Farres Elmaarraou and his team. This new partnership will see involvement of a greater and broader sector of the community, increasing the events objective to create community cohesion.
A multi-cultural, family-orientated new years eve celebration. Held at Coburg Velodrome, this event will include a large-scale fireworks display, food and music from a variety of cultures, and other audio and visual displays. The main goal for this event is to bring all communities from different backgrounds and religions together as one heart, one voice to create love and peace among our communities in order to live and work together, promoting harmony.
The partnership will bring together the expertise of Big Bang Fireworks and its Director, Farris Elmaarraoui’s, deep connection to the Muslim community and combine it with the Coburg Cycling Club experience in event management. This opportunity will enable Farres to build capacity and skills in event management so that his work within the broader local community can be of greater value and so Farres can more effectively organise people to get involved.

Farres Elmaarraoui’s experience is broad and includes event security management, formal training in first-aid, risk management and all safety procedures regarding fireworks at major events. He has managed Big bang Fireworks for the past five years as head pyrotechnician providing fireworks and other special effects to both indoor and outdoor events.

Including the annual Moreland Community New Years Eve event, other works to date have included:

  • Multicultural family festival, broadmeadows town park
  • My centre eid festival, dallas
  • Australian-islamic social association eid festival, dallas
  • Masters hardware multi-cultural festival, roxburgh park
  • Big fat muslim festival, sandown racecourse
  • Morwell market show, morewell
  • twilight festival & night market, caribbean gardens

Farres Elmaarraoui’s is heavily active and respected among Melbourne’s Muslim community. In the past word-of-mouth has been sufficient to engage both the Muslim and non-Muslim community and have them attend. Last years event saw 1000 people from all sectors of the local community. This year, we will utilise promotion opportunities through our partnership with Coburg Cycling Club, engaging there user group through membership and other contacts.
Communications will be developed alongside Velodrome Events to create mission statements, effective messaging and promotional strategies. A database of Moreland cultural and other community groups will be developed to encourage attendance and discuss potential involvement.

  • Farres Elmaarraoui – big bang fireworks, head pyrotechnician, event organiseer and community liaison
  • Michael O’Dwyer – celebrating place grants mentor
  • Sam Gebert-coburg cycling club inc. president
  • Chris Mitchell – velodrome events pty. ltd., co-director/producer – event Management/marketing mentor
  • Gareth Holt – velodrome events pty. ltd., co-director/producer – event management/marketing mentor
  • Mottasam Omar- firework assistant
  • Rabih Merhi- firework assistant
  • Ahmed Elmaarraoui- firework assistant

The original idea behind this event was born out of community disadvantaged and a general sense within the Muslim community they are not part of the broader society. Muslim and non-Muslim communities are very divided. Big Bang Fireworks started a new years festival every year to bring people together in an attempt to nurture greater understanding between cultures and work through these issues. This has been a self funded initiative for the past five years. The Celebrating Place grant will allow these events and initiatives to continue in a more sustainable manner.

His festival works to break down community divides, providing a space that advocates for cross-cultural understanding and community cohesion.
In the past these events have attracted more than 1000 people to a peaceful, non-alcohol event. Through the new partnership with Coburg Cycling Club we look to increase attendance rates and build capacity of the events organisers.